Frequently Asked Questions

For Everyone

What is iGig?

  • iGig is a smartphone app that allows people to find and hire artists to perform for them on the same day or in the future

What is the difference between a Patron, an Artist, and an Act?

  • A Patron is an iGig user that hires an Act through iGig
  • An Artist is a performer who registers as an “Artist” in the iGig app. An Artist can list one or more “Acts” that can be hired through iGig.
  • An Act is the person or group of persons that are listed for hire.  An Artist can list more than one Act. For example: one Artist can list a solo Act, and also list a different Act where she/he is part of a trio.

What is needed to register an account?

  • You can register for an account with any of the following methods:
    • Mobile Phone number
    • Facebook Account
    • Google Account
    • Email

Does it cost anything to use iGig?

  • No, the iGig app is completely free to download, install and register.
  • The only time there is a cost is for the Patron when they book an Act.

How does Payment occur?

  • A Patron gets charged once an Artist accepts your booking request.
  • Payment gets released to the Artist only when the Patron has confirmed via the iGig app, that the Artist has arrived at the booking location
  • Once payment is released the Stripe payment system process the payment to the Act’s designated bank account

Where do I contact if I have a problem?

  • For any questions or problems please email, and we will respond to you as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours. 

For Patrons

Why use iGig?

  • iGig was created by “Patrons”, to make it easy, and economical to find and hire awesome talent
  • We have prioritized security of personal and payment information
  • iGig funding helps support music and education programs for kids
  • And most importantly: to bring joy and entertainment into our day-to-day lives!

How does payment work

  • When a Patron wants to hire an artist they can pay with a credit card.  All payment and personal information is managed via the Stripe, payment service.

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Currently iGig accepts payments with a credit or debit card.

What is the cost of booking an artist?

  • Each Act sets its own hourly rate, which can be seen on the Act’s profile page
  • Each Act also specifies the distance they will travel for no additional cost, and how much they charge for miles outside of that distance.
  • iGig charges the Patron a 9.5% fee
  • Many artists provide a lower rate for multiple hours of performance.

Can I lose my money if an act doesn’t show up?

  • No.  Payment is not release to the Act, until you confirm they have arrived at your home.

Can I Cancel a booking?

  • Yes, you can cancel a booking, and get a refund of all artist fees within the following timelines
  • If the reservation was made more than 48 hours from the booking start time you can cancel anytime up until 48 hours prior to the booking.
  • If the reservation was made within 48 hours from the booking start time, you can cancel up to one hour after the artist accepts the booking.
  • Note: the iGig fee is not refunded if a booking is cancelled by a Patron. (it a booking is cancelled by an Artist, then Patron is refunded iGig fee as well).

How can I contact an Artist or Act?

  • You can contact an Artist/Act by selecting the “message” icon in the Act profile.

How do I Cancel a Booking

  • In your Inbox (make sure your in the “requesting” tab), select the conversation stream with your booked artist.
  • Once in that conversation screen, you’ll see the booking details ribbon at the top, select the arrow on the right side of that ribbon, which will take you to the booking details, where you can select “Cancel”

How do I know if an Act is any good?

  • We ask all Acts to post at least one video of their performance abilities in their profile. Acts are also reviewed by prior Patrons, and maintain an average “stars” rating on a scale of 1 to 5.

What if I didn’t like the Act I hired?

  • We highly encourage feedback from Patrons to Artists (both good and bad).  If you did not like an Act we suggest you specify why you did not like an act in your review of the act, and rate that act appropriately and fairly through our “stars” rating system

For Artists

Why use iGig?

  • Free and effortless exposure to many previously unknown Patrons who would love to pay to see you perform
  • Take the hassle out of dealing with the business and logistics side of gigs
  • Take part in a whole new market for paid performances
  • Make money doing what you love WHENEVER you have spare time to perform. You control when you want to be available to play and how much you want to get paid.
  • Complete control over which gigs you want to accept or not.
  • Help support children’s music and art education !

Can I change my rate or other requirements?

  • Yes. You can change your rate or other requirements (like minimum performance duration), at any time, and as many times as you want.  Any changes you make take effect immediately for future bookings.  Prior bookings already agreed to are not affected.

How do I get Paid?

  • All payments to artists require a bank account.  You will be asked for your account number and bank routing number, when you register a payout method, in the “Business” section of the “Settings” page.

When do I get paid?

  • iGig uses the industry leading Stripe payment platform.   This is the same system used by Lyft drivers, Amazon sellers, and Instacart, to name a few.   Once payment is released to you (by a Patron when you arrive at your gig) it becomes available in your iGig “Payouts” page. From there, you can select “transfer” for the amount you want and Stripe immediately starts processing it. Depending on your bank, it can take between 2 to 5 days for the money to show up in your account.

Do Artist get charged for using iGig?

  • No,  Artists do not get charged for bookings. They receive 100% of their rate and fees. 

Why does iGig ask me for a Social Security number and Date of Birth, when registering a bank account?

  • The Social Security number and date of birth are required by the US Government for all payout accounts (for ANY app, or online merchant of any kind).  This information is NOT PROVIDED TO, OR KEPT BY, iGig.  This personal and payment information goes directly to the industry leading payment system, STRIPE.   You can read more about this requirement here: 

How far from where I am can Patrons see me?

  • When you register as an artist, you will designate a default location. You can then set how far from your home location, you want to appear in searches.
  • When you select the requirements for your Act, you can also select how far you are willing to travel at no additional cost (included mileage).
  • You will also have the option of charging a cost-per-mile, for mileage above your “included mileage”, up to whatever maximum distance you chose.

Can I get bookings outside of my home location?

  • Yes.  If you’ll be traveling away from your home location you can set a temporary location you will be available for performances, along with the dates you will be at that different location.

Can I cancel a booking if I need to?

  • Yes, you can cancel a booking that you have accepted, but please be aware the Patron will still be able to give you a review, so iGig recommends you provide as much notice as possible to minimize the inconvenience to the Patron.
  • The cancelling Artist’s iGig wallet will be debited just the iGig fee for the booking.

Can I get information about my past bookings?

  • Yes. iGig provides reports for artists on how many bookings they’ve had, how much they’ve been paid, and even how many miles they’ve travelled for possible tax deduction purposes.

What kind of Artist and Acts can sign up with iGig?

ANY KIND ! Apart from music, iGig has Act categories such as Dance, Magic, Circus arts, and if you don’t find it, feel free to select “other”, and specify the type of performance you provide through the “key words” feature under “Act Settings”

What if I don’t see the type of performance, instrument, or genre/style I perform?

  • You can list ANY type of performance, instruments and styles you perform with NO LIMIT!   Simply use the “Key Words” feature under “Act Settings” and you can list things like: artist’s you cover, other instruments or styles you play, or ANY word that someone might be interested in?   When a Patron conducts a “search” your key words are matched to that search.  Do you specialize in instrumental kazoo covers of Rolling Stones songs while juggling? No problem! Just put each one of those words in your Key Words, and that circus-kazoo-rock fan will find you!
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